Kids Unisex Parka / Colorful Fur (Black)
The Stirling Parka gets shrunk down with this mini unisex version of our most popular coat. Made with the same components as the adult versions, the parka is waterproof, windproof, stylish and warm. From the blue fox fur-trimmed hood to...
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Moose Maple Leaf Toque
The Moose Maple Leaf toque is our take on the classic kids toque, eh? Not much to explain unless you’re new to Canada - basically, it gets cold and we want to keep your ears and head warm. It’s a...
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X marks the spot with this sweatshirt, perfect for any kid. It’s a cotton blend so you’ll stay warm and it won’t itch, and it’s not only got the sleeve logo, there’s also our classic maple leaf logo on bottom...
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Unisex KIDS MIDCORE PARKA Black/Forest Fox Fur
Essentially a shrunk-down version of the adult counterparts, we don't cut corners when it comes to our kids' products. Features the same heavy-duty hardware and fill, just in a small package. Memory poly water repellent outer shell 100% Down proof...
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Lined in faux-fur so your kid will stay toasty, the Fun Bunny zip hoodie is more subtle than some of our other kids offerings, but still makes a statement. Heavy fleece cotton blend Interior body lined in faux fur Sleeves...
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